Interactive Superscript Text Generator

Enter your text above and the smaller superscript you'd like to add above it. This tool will instantly convert it to ASCII superscript which you can copy-paste as a single line text.

Use the superscript multiple times to achieve the effect below.
Add the first character then copy the result as a new input to stack all letters.



Characters allwed: a,e,i,o,u,c,d,h,m,r,t,v,x




I am superscript


Dead head




Acid heart

Compose ₛᵤbₛcᵣᵢₚₜ

aeioucdhmrtvx Anagrams

The bad news is that there's a restriction about creating superscripts. You cannot use the whole alphabet but only 13 letters and only in lowercase: a,e,i,o,u,c,d,h,m,r,t,v,x. We can still form 1700 valid words (anagrams) with these characters.

rheumatoid, outmarched, outcharmed, dichromate, udometric, rheumatic, overmatch, muricated, hematuric, dichromat, decimator, chromatid, charioted, autocrime, admixture, vermouth, trichome, tracheid, toxaemic, tovarich, touchier, timecard, thridace, thiourea, rhematic, racemoid, overmuch, outreach, outraved, outraced, outmarch, outhired, outheard, outdrive, outdream, outcried, outchide, outcharm, muricate, muriated, mouthier, mouchard, morticed, morceaux, methodic, mediator, hormetic, hematoid, exordium, educator, durative, deviator, dermatic, democrat, curvated, curative, covaried, couthier, coadmire, chromite, chromide, chromate, chordate, ceratoid, cavorted, avoucher, avouched, authored, archived, aeroduct, xerotic, voucher, vouched, vomiter, vomited, vomicae, voiture, vitreum, vitraux, vitamer, vicomte, viaduct, vermuth, verdict, vauched, uraemic, traduce, toxemic, toxemia, toucher, touched, torched, thrived, thorium, theroid, thermic, theriac, theoric, teraohm, taxemic, tardive, taedium, routhie, rotchie, roached, richted, rhodium, rheumic, retouch, rematch, redcoat, readout, readmit, ratched, oxidate, oxheart, oviduct, overtax, overmix, overhit, overcut, overact, outvied, outride, outread, outrave, outrace, outhire, outhear, outdare, outchid, mutched, muriate, mouther, mouthed, moucher, mouched, motived, mothier, mortice, moriche, morceau, moither, mochier, mixture, mitched, micated, miaoued, medivac, mauther, matured, matrice, matcher, matched, marched, ioduret, ideatum, humored, humidor, humidex, humider, homeric, hideout, hexadic, hematic, heirdom, haviour, haveour, haricot, haircut, haemoid, hadrome, exotica, exordia, excudit, excitor, exactor, evictor, etourdi, ethmoid, erotica, erodium, eductor, dormice, divorce, ditcher, dharmic, demotic, decuria, decorum, daturic, cutover, curvate, curtaxe, curated, couvert, couvade, couthie, couther, courted, couried, coteaux, coremia, cordite, cordate, comrade, codrive, coadmit, chromed, chordae, choired, chirted, chirmed, chimera, cheviot, chetrum, chaumer, charted, charmed, chariot, chamoix, chaired, cathode, carotid, caromed, avoider, avodire, auxetic, auditor, arctoid, archive, airthed, achiote, xeroma, vortex, vomica, voider, voicer, voiced, virtue, vidame, victor, viator, verdit, vehmic, veduta, vector, vauted, varied, varech, urtica, uretic, uremic, uremia, uredia, uratic, urachi, tuxedo, turaco, truced, trouch, trochi, troche, troade, triode, triced, traced, tourie, toured, touche, tocher, tirade, throve, throed, thrive, thrice, thread, thrave, thoued, thoric, thoria, thorax, thiram, thairm, tercio, tedium, taxied, tauric, taiver, ruched, routed, rouche, rotche, rochet, roated, roamed, roadie, rioted, riched, rhotic, rhodie, rhodic, remuda, remoud, remixt, reduit, redout, redact, rectum, recoat, raucid, raited, radome, radium, rachet, oxhide, oxhead, oxcart, ovated, ouvert, outvie, outred, outher, ouched, orchid, orchat, orated, orache, omerta, octave, ochred, ochrea, oatier, mudcat, mucoid, mucate, mouter, motuca, motive, motier, mother, mothed, morcha, moider, mohair, modica, mochie, moated, mitred, mither, mirved, micher, miched, micate, mevrou, metric, method, mercat, medico, mauver, mature, matrix, matric, matier, matico, marted, mahout, maduro, macher, iterum, itched, iodate, imaret, humite, humeri, humect, humate, houted, hormic, homier, hoaxer, hoaxed, hoared, hexact, heroic, hermit, hermai, heriot, herdic, hemoid, hector, havior, hatred, harmed, haired, hairdo, haemic, exuvia, exotic, exodic, exhort, exarch, exacum, eruvim, erotic, eriach, editor, echium, echard, drouth, dromic, droich, dreich, dreamt, drachm, dovier, douter, dourah, douche, doucet, doucer, dotier, dormie, domier, doater, divert, dither, dirhem, dirham, direct, dimout, dictum, diatom, diarch, dextro, devout, devour, devoir, detour, detach, dermic, derham, dehort, dearth, dautie, dative, dacoit, dacite, curvet, curved, curite, curiet, curiae, curate, cuiter, cuatro, cruive, croute, cromed, crimed, credit, craved, crated, coxier, covert, couter, courie, coured, coteau, corvid, corvet, cortex, corium, cometh, comate, comart, comade, coheir, cohead, coedit, codeia, coaxer, coaxed, coater, coated, cither, chuted, chrome, chroma, choria, chored, chorea, chorda, chived, chimer, chimed, chimar, chider, charet, chared, chadri, chador, cervix, cervid, cerium, cavort, cavier, cauter, caumed, caudex, carved, carted, caried, cardio, cardie, camote, cahier, avoure, avouch, avocet, avider, autoed, author, atrium, atomic, archei, arched, aortic, amoved, amoret, amorce, airted, aecium, advice, advert, advect, adroit, admixt, admire, adieux, acuter, acture, active, acmite, acider, achier, acetum, vauch, vatic, varix, varec, vaire, uteri, urite, ureic, uredo, urate, uraei, umrah, umiac, turme, tumor, tumid, trued, truce, trove, trode, troad, tried, tride, trice, triad, triac, trema, tread, trave, trade, trace, toxic, touch, toric, torch, torah, tomia, tired, timer, timed, ticed, thrum, throe, thrid, thrae, third, therm, thema, their, theic, theca, tharm, thaim, teuch, terai, teach, taxor, taxer, taxed, taver, taroc, tared, tardo, tamer, tamed, tacho, tache, rueda, rudie, ruche, roved, routh, route, roted, rotch, roate, roach, rivet, rived, rimed, rimae, richt, riced, rhime, rheum, retia, retch, retax, remix, remit, redux, redox, redia, recut, recto, recti, recta, recit, react, reach, raxed, raved, ratio, rathe, rated, ratch, ramie, ramet, rahui, rahed, radix, radio, rache, raced, oxter, oxime, oxide, overt, ovate, outre, outer, outed, ourie, oucht, other, orixa, oread, orate, orach, omrah, ohmic, odium, odeum, octad, ocrea, ochre, ocher, oater, oared, muxed, mutha, muter, muted, mutch, murva, murti, murid, murex, mured, mudra, mudir, mucro, mucor, mucid, mucho, moxie, movie, mover, moved, mouth, mouch, moted, moria, morat, morae, moire, moira, mohur, mohua, moder, mocha, mixte, mixer, mixed, mitre, miter, mitch, mirth, mirex, mired, micro, micra, micht, miche, miaou, metro, metic, metho, merit, merch, meith, medic, media, meath, maxed, mavie, mauve, mauri, mater, mated, match, marid, march, maire, mahoe, madre, macro, macho, machi, mache, macer, maced, ixora, ither, irate, irade, ihram, ichor, iched, hutia, humor, humid, humic, hoxed, hover, hoved, hovea, houri, horme, horde, homie, homer, homed, hoard, hoaed, hiver, hived, hired, hider, hexad, herma, hemic, heart, heard, havoc, haver, haute, hater, hated, harim, harem, hared, hamed, extra, exact, evict, ethic, eruct, erica, educt, edict, earth, duvet, dutch, duroc, duomi, ducat, drove, drome, droit, drive, drice, dream, drave, draco, doxie, dovie, dover, doura, douma, douce, douar, doter, doric, domic, doeth, docht, divot, diver, ditch, diram, diota, dimer, dicta, dicot, dicht, dicer, diact, dhuti, dhoti, devot, detox, derth, derma, derat, demur, demit, demic, decor, death, deair, davit, datum, dater, daric, cutie, cuter, curve, curio, curie, curia, curet, cured, curat, cruve, cruet, crude, crout, crome, crith, crime, cried, credo, cream, crave, crate, crame, coxed, coxae, covet, cover, coved, couth, couta, court, coure, courd, coude, coted, coria, cored, coram, comte, comix, comet, comer, comae, codex, coder, coati, coate, civet, citer, cited, cimex, cimar, cider, chute, choux, chout, chota, chore, chord, choir, chode, chive, chiru, chirt, chiro, chirm, chimo, chime, chide, chiao, chert, chemo, cheat, chave, chart, charm, chare, chard, chair, chado, ceria, cedar, cavie, caver, caved, cater, carve, carte, carom, carex, caret, cared, cardi, cameo, caird, cadre, cadie, cadet, axoid, axite, axiom, avoid, avert, auric, aurei, audit, audio, aruhe, artic, aroid, armet, armed, ariot, areic, arced, amrit, amove, amour, amort, amido, amide, amice, aiver, aitch, airth, aired, aimer, aimed, aider, adore, admix, admit, adieu, acute, actor, acted, acrid, acred, ached, vrou, vrot, vote, void, voar, vite, vita, vire, vier, vied, vide, vice, viae, vext, veto, vert, verd, vera, vehm, vaut, vatu, vare, vair, vade, uvea, uvae, urva, uric, urea, urde, urao, umra, turm, turd, true, trod, trio, trim, trie, tram, trad, tour, tori, tore, torc, tora, tome, toed, toea, toad, tiro, tire, time, tier, tied, tide, tich, tice, tiar, thud, thru, thro, thou, thir, thio, them, thar, thae, term, tehr, tech, tear, team, tead, taxi, taro, tare, tame, tahr, taed, taco, tach, tace, ruth, rume, rued, rude, rove, roux, rout, roum, roue, roti, rote, rota, roma, roed, rode, roch, roam, road, rivo, rive, riva, rite, riot, rimu, rime, rima, riem, ride, rich, rice, riad, rhea, redo, ream, read, rave, ratu, rato, rath, rate, rami, rait, raid, rade, rach, race, oxim, oxid, oxer, ovum, over, ouma, ouch, otic, orca, orad, omit, omer, ohia, ohed, odic, odea, odah, octa, oche, oath, muti, mute, mure, mura, muir, muid, much, moxa, move, moue, motu, moti, moth, mote, mort, more, mora, moit, mohr, moer, modi, mode, moch, moat, moai, mixt, mite, mirv, miro, mire, miha, mico, mich, mice, mica, meth, meta, meri, merc, meou, meat, mead, maxi, maut, maud, math, mate, mart, mare, mard, marc, mair, maid, made, mach, mace, iure, item, itch, ired, iota, idem, idea, icer, iced, hurt, huma, huic, huia, huer, hued, hove, hout, hour, hote, hori, hore, hora, home, homa, hoer, hoed, hoax, hoar, hive, hire, hied, hide, hero, herm, herd, heir, heid, heat, hear, head, have, haut, haud, hate, hart, haro, harm, hare, hard, hame, hair, haet, haem, haed, hade, exit, exam, euro, euoi, etui, etic, etch, eruv, eric, erhu, emit, emir, emic, edit, ecru, ecod, echt, echo, ecad, eaux, eath, eard, each, duro, dure, dura, duma, duit, duet, duct, duci, duce, duar, drum, drat, dram, drac, dove, doux, dout, dour, doum, douc, doth, dote, dort, dorm, dore, dome, doit, doer, doat, divo, dive, diva, dite, dita, dirt, dire, dime, diet, dict, dich, dice, deva, derv, dero, derm, demo, deco, dear, daut, daur, dato, date, dart, dari, dare, dame, dace, cute, curt, cure, curd, cuit, cued, crux, crue, crud, crit, crim, cria, crem, cred, cram, coxa, cove, cour, coth, cote, corm, core, cord, come, coma, coit, coir, coed, code, coda, coax, coat, cive, cito, cite, cire, cide, ciao, chut, chur, chum, chou, chiv, chit, chid, chia, cher, chav, chat, char, chao, cham, chai, chad, cert, cero, cedi, cave, caum, cate, cart, care, card, camo, came, caid, cadi, cade, axed, avid, aver, auto, atom, atoc, arvo, arum, arti, arid, aret, ared, arco, arch, amir, amie, amid, aitu, airt, aide, ahem, ahed, aero, adit, acre, acme, acid, ache, acer, aced, vum, vox, vor, voe, vim, vie, vid, via, vex, vet, vau, vat, var, vae, vac, uva, ute, uta, ure, urd, udo, tux, tum, tui, tor, tom, toe, tod, toc, tix, tie, tid, tic, tho, the, tex, ted, tec, tea, tax, tav, tau, tar, tao, tam, tai, tae, tad, rut, rum, rue, rud, ruc, rot, rom, roe, rod, roc, rit, rim, rid, ria, rho, rex, rev, ret, reo, rem, rei, reh, red, rec, rax, rav, rat, ram, rai, rah, rad, ova, out, our, oud, ort, ore, ord, orc, ora, ohm, ode, oda, och, oca, oat, oar, mux, mut, mud, mou, mot, mor, moi, moe, mod, moc, moa, mix, mir, mid, mic, mho, meu, met, meh, med, max, mat, mar, mae, mad, mac, ita, ire, ide, ich, ice, hut, hum, hui, hue, hox, hot, hom, hoi, hoe, hod, hoc, hoa, hit, him, hie, hid, hic, hex, het, her, hem, hat, hao, ham, hae, had, exo, evo, eth, eta, erm, era, emu, emo, edh, ecu, eco, ech, eau, eat, ear, dux, duo, dui, duh, due, dot, dor, dom, doh, doe, doc, div, dit, dim, die, dex, dev, dei, dam, dah, dae, cut, cur, cum, cue, cud, cru, cox, cot, cor, cod, cit, cid, chi, che, cha, cat, car, cam, cad, axe, avo, ave, aue, ate, art, arm, are, ard, arc, amu, ami, ame, ait, air, aim, aid, ahi, ado, act, ach, ace, xu, xi, ut, ur, um, uh, to, ti, te, ta, re, ox, ou, or, om, oi, oh, oe, od, mu, mo, mi, me, ma, it, io, id, ho, hm, hi, he, ha, ex, et, er, em, eh, ed, ea, do, di, de, da, ch, ax, at, ar, am, ai, ah, ae, ad